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February 13, 2013

Staff Spotlight: Shea McMullin

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Recruiting is always on a coaches mind and goes on behind-the-scenes all year long. Shea McMullin plays a crucial role in helping the coaches manage recruiting travel and communication with potential Lady Lions...among other things!

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September 03, 2012

Gelato anyone??

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Hello, I’m Shea McMullin one of the Administrative Support Assistants for the Lady Lion program.  I joined this amazing organization in January and was thrilled to be invited on the Lady Lion European Basketball Tour….after working for them less than a month!  I love traveling and had the opportunity to be an exchange student in Liege, Belgium I also lived in Granada, Spain for almost a year.  I was really looking forward to exploring new places in Europe and revisiting some that I had already seen.  In addition to the sightseeing and basketball games I had one other thing I was excited for!

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