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February 19, 2013

Ariel’s Favorite Quote

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My favorite quote was said by controversial pop icon, Marilyn Monroe.

I first saw this quote when I was shopping for posters at the HUB’s annual poster sale. I ended up purchasing the poster and putting it up on my wall. The quote is, “If I observed all the rules, I never would have gotten anywhere.” 

I like this quote because I am a very conservative person, which isn’t always a good thing, especially on the basketball court.  A person who never makes mistakes in life is naïve and ignorant. A person who never takes risks on the basketball court never reaches their full potential. 

This quote encourages me to step outside areas of comfort. It reminds me not to be afraid to take a risk because risks allow us to see how good we can become. 

Coach Washington has told me that mistakes are information, so instead of being scared to make them or mad at the result of them, I should use the information to correct myself and to learn. I live to extend my boundaries every day, to become a more well-rounded individual and to use the mistakes I make as a tool to be successful.


--Ariel Edwards


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