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February 27, 2013

Staff Spotlight: Kathy Drysdale

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Kathy Drysdale returned to the Lady Lions last year as the Director of Marketing. You'll see her walking around on game-day with a headset, orchestrating all the time-out contests and other game-day happenings.

Hometown: Southfield, MI
Child (& age): Dereck II (8)

How long you've worked at Penn State, University Park: Since October 2011

Your day-to-day duties include: My main responsibility is to market the Lady Lions. During the season the push is to sell individual tickets to the game. During the off-season the main push is to sell season tickets.

Most fun part of your job: There is always something different going everyday--keeps me on my toes!

One of your favorite memories since working at Penn State:  Winning the B1G title last year

PSU team you love to support (besides the Lady Lions, of course!): all of the teams

State College restaurant you recommend most: The Tavern – that has been around since I attended Penn State

Favorite campus location: The HUB because you really get a chance to see who Penn State is.

Most proud moment:  Being a Lady Lion

Sports played growing up: Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball

Sports you play now:  I try to play basketball smile

Place you've never been but want to visit:  I have always wanted to go to Montana because of the outdoors and the beauty of the land.

We would be surprised to know that you: have collectable basketball cards stored in my garage


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