Support Staff

  • Greg Campbell

    Greg Campbell

    Strategic Communications Director

  • Dr. Kristine Clark

    Dr. Kristine Clark

    Director of Sports Nutrition

  • Kathy Drysdale

    Kathy Drysdale

    Marketing Manager

  • Mary McCahan

    Mary McCahan

    Women’s Basketball Administrative Support

  • Ethan Gelfand

    Ethan Gelfand

    Director of Operations

  • Miriam Powell

    Miriam Powell

    Director of Community Outreach

  • Natalie Meckstroth

    Natalie Meckstroth

    Athletic Trainer

  • Jennifer Montoya

    Jennifer Montoya

    Director of Video and Technology Operations

  • Brad Pantall

    Brad Pantall

    Performance Enhancement Coach

  • Kellynn Wilson

    Kellynn Wilson

    Associate Director, Student-Athlete Programming, Academic Counselor

Fans Background image of a male Penn State students with painted on blue and white jerseys.

The Nation's Best!

Lady Lion fans are the best. The Lady Lion Cager Club boasts a membership of over 800 and is one of the most active support groups in the country.

Mascot Background image of the Nittany Lion mascot wearing a blue and white scarf.

Crowd-Starter Extraordinaire

As one of the most recognizable mascots in the nation, the Nittany Lion brings a unique spirit to the court.

Famous for one-handed push-ups, themed dances, and playing with the crowd, the Lion is a special part of the Lady Lion experience.